1) How did you meet?

We were introduced by one of my student's parents.

2) What made him different to other guys ?

My husband is different from other guys I have met because he always looks out for my happiness and success. He believes my happiness will not only make him happy but also radiate in our home. He encourages me towards being a better Muslim. He is open minded and very supportive. After our Nikkah, I was supposed to quit my job and move with him to his house in another state far away from mine. He discouraged me from quitting my job because he saw my passion for the job and he had tried getting another job for me around his place but couldn't get any, then, he came up with the idea of him relocating to my state! Although, we are yet to make final conclusion on  relocation, it shows the extent to which he loves and cares for his wife.

3)Looking back what was different about your mindset that brought you to the right guy?

Before I met my husband, I was always looking for a Muslim guy that is God fearing, very educated with a very good paying job, good looking, a bit social with knowledge of Islam, not smoking nor drinking, from a decent family, speaks good English with very good sense of humour. I love neat guys that dresses nice. A guy without at least Bachelor's degree was a capital NO for me. When I got introduced to my husband, I saw many things that could make me run. He had just College Education with some professional certificates though ( but he was able to establish a good business for himself) , his dress sense was not in my dictionary, he was not praying as often as I would have liked. At first, I sealed my heart against him and hardly answer his calls whenever he called. Gradually, we started to work together on getting to know each other.   Along the line, he lost a close family member and that changed his prayer habits. At this time, I was already reconsidering him especially when I read a post by Soraya about not being perfect and not judging the book by the cover.

4)What did you learn in your coaching journey that would help ladies who currently feel stuck in their search and who are fed up of meeting the wrong guys?

Never lose hope!!! I had lost hope of ever getting married. I stopped praying for marriage and focused my prayers on other aspects of life. As at the time I met my spouse, I was saying a prayer for something else entirely. When I realised we were getting close and I was already reconsidering him, I re-ignited my prayers for marriage again and things started working out. Which brings me to my second piece of advice: sisters, prayer works like magic. Never give up on prayers. I understand how tiring it gets when we can’t see the result but from experience, it happens when you least expected. Thirdly, please, never judge a book by its cover, its content might be life changing.  I learnt 2 things from my journey to marriage, 1)prayer leads us to our target and 2) taking risks towards what we want with a bit of sacrifice will get results

Soraya Soobhany-Chohan