1. How did you meet him?

I met him at uni while I was my final year of my and he was in his his 2nd year of his studies.

2. What made him different to other guys?

At first I wasn't attracted to him in any way or form. He was a polite person who I was more interested in becoming friends with. After being friends for 6-8 months I loved how he was honest about himself. He had a girlfriend before, he smoked, he didn't pray 5 times a day. For me personally this was very refreshing to the facade of the perfect Muslim image I was so used to, and fooled by. He also expressed his interest in me during our friendship but was never adamant or made me feel rushed. I loved how I could always depend on him for help or whenever I needed advice, I subconsciously knew it my head (even as friends) I could turn to him for any reason. His manner was polite and kind, I never saw him as being rude or dominating even when I wasn't the best behaved lol.

3. Looking back what was different about your mindset that brought you to the right guy?

Looking back on things, I was quite desperate after my divorce to find someone. I think the stigma of "used goods" behind divorcees was implanted in me and I was scared of ending up alone at a young age.. in the end after exhausting myself with unnecessary stress of finding someone, I just accepted things and worked on myself. I lost a stack of weight, focused on finishing my degree, worked part time, made new friends and ironically enough, it was when I stopped searching for a man and started focusing on myself that Mr. Right came along. I am the biggest advocate of self love now and really believe you can't love someone with your full potential before you truly love and nourish yourself.

4. What did you learn in coaching journey that would help  ladies who currently feel stuck in their search and who are fed up of meeting the wrong guys?

If you feel like you are close to giving up then actually temporarily give up, and work on yourself instead and good things will eventually find their way to you, InshaAllah! 

I really want women to not have to need a man. It's good for someone to look after and provide for you'd but really it's important to know you can financially support and look after yourself if need be. In my opinion, I would advise my own sister or closest friend that its more than enough for a man to prove himself as hard working and able to earn a halal means of living, with or without a university degree.

My partner has finished a degree of finance but due to low employment opportunities, currently drives a bus.. and I don't think any less of him.

Soraya Soobhany-Chohan