1. How did you meet him?

We met through friends and we started chatting on Whatsapp for a few weeks before meeting. .. well I stalled him for a few weeks before agreeing to meet him lol .

2. What made him different to the other guys you had met?

He was present, showed up on time, replied to messages and made an effort to get to know me. He was also clear that he wasn't there to mess me around.

3.Looking back what was different about your mindset that brought you to the right guy?

Just over a year prior to meeting him I started my journey of self love. I came out of a relationship with a narcissist and was too focused on meeting someone else I had a string of bad first dates that left me emotionally drained. A friend of mine sent me one of Soraya’s blog articles and from that article I joined the Facebook group. From this group I was introduced to Suraya Sara and Dounia Lkoundis’ groups. I joined Suraya's free webinars last year and learnt to inhale the good shit and exhale the bullshit lol. I started managing my anxiety better and letting go of a lot of toxic things and people. Through Dounia's group, I learnt to manifest. It was the first time I put pen to paper and wrote down what I wanted. And of course working with Soraya helped me put things into perspective. I took a break from actively looking for someone and concentrated on myself. When I did meet my fiance I had no expectations and I knew if it didn't work and I did not get along with him I would be fine.

4.What did you learn in your coaching journey that would help ladies who currently feel stuck in their search and who are fed up of meeting the wrong guys?

Love yourself first. Build up your independence . Get to know yourself and love yourself for who you are. Every flaw and fault for it makes up who you are and you are wonderful. You don't need a man to define you or to complete you. Lastly don't stop making dua. Allah answers in a time when He knows when is best for us. Patience pays off and you find a man you wouldn't have dreamed off. Alhamdulilah.

Soraya Soobhany-Chohan