Why You Need To Stop Searching For A Spouse


How many times have you had that moment of "ARRRGH I GIVE UP!!" ?

The last 3 guys you met were either insincere, sex-hungry or just plain weird (some were all 3).

That guy you've been chatting to for a few days has just vanished into thin air (even though you can SEE he's online everyday!)

Oh and that handsome Sports' Coach you hesitantly contacted online has informed you that you are an inch short of his height requirements in a wife.

Now is the time to stop looking.

I can hear you gasp from behind your laptop! "Why would I ever stop  the spouse search?? I need to find The One! Time is ticking by very loudly! I just want to find the right person so I can sigh, relax and ...well..be married."

BUT here are 3 reasons why you need to stop looking if you want to find The One:

1. You need to put the focus back on you


You've spent so long juggling work, family and the husband hunt that you've stopped taking care of yourself. You no longer have the time for the things that make you happy, you spend most of your free time glancing anxiously at your phone and most of your weekend meeting potentials. It's exhausting!

Action: Recharge your Me-Time Battery.

Make a list of 20 things that make you happy, that you enjoy doing and have nothing to do with anyone else. Take 7 days and commit to doing 3 of these things everyday.

2. You need to reconnect with your needs


Searching for a spouse can feel like running on a hamster wheel and somewhere between the last 2 guys you met you lost focus on what you actually need from a marriage. You've spent so much energy trying to impress, fit the mould and be accepted by potential spouses that you've lost sight of what you need from them.

Action: Recharge your Needs Battery.

Make a list of 5 emotions you wish you feel in a marriage (e.g. cherished , respected etc). Memorise them for when you are ready to get back out there again and make sure you are getting them!

3.  You need a mental break


Spouse searching is tiring. The endless meetings, the uncertainty and the rejections can leave you feeling mentally and emotionally spent. You can't search effectively if you don't have the mental and emotional energy the same way you can't run a marathon if you are not in great physical shape.

Action: Recharge your Mental & Emotional Batteries

Indulge in some meditation, pampering, retail, sport or whatever your idea of mental relaxation is. Switch your phone to silent, disconnect temporarily from social media,  online matrimonial sites and needy friends (you know the ones I mean!).

Honestly I recommend you do this at least once a month. Have a spouse searching detox, eliminate  the frustration toxins and recharge all the batteries you need to successfully become Mrs. Not Single Anymore!