Why "Biodata" Sucks!


For those of you unused to the matrimonial lingo, biodata means the factual data about a person used when matchmakers match them up with a potential spouse. This covers things like height, age, marital status, education, profession and whole host of other labels to judge how worthy someone is of marriage.

A recently aired TV show about single Muslims featured super awkward date between two of the most mismatched people ever. 

On the biodata front they were chosen as a match being from the same cultural background, having the same level of education, possibly of the same height, professional and about the same age. In their personalities though they may as well have been from different planets.

On the one side of the dinner table was a woman who was of the belief that the responsibilities in a marriage should be shared equally from the cooking to raising the children. 

On the other side of the table you had a man who was of the opinion that a woman should prioritise the home and children above everything else including her career . 

As you can imagine the meeting was a flop!

Both parties had their own valid views of what marriage should be based on factors such as their upbringing, personal values and life experiences. 

However, if they had only been matched up in the first place with people of similar upbringing, personal values and life experiences then maybe this — and many other such — disasters would not have occurred. 

We are still relying on outdated methods to pair people up for marriage.

Yes they may both be lawyers but other than being able to sue each other this guarantees very little else! 

Being of the same cultural background does mean they can speak the same language but what’s the point if all they are going to do is argue in it?

And being the same age certainly doesn’t guarantee the same level of maturity.

We don’t have to be the same as each other to guarantee a successful marriage but you do need to share the same values when it comes to the important things like family, children, money and religion.

Otherwise it’s like eating cheese and ice-cream. Same colour. Bad combination!


Soraya Soobhany-Chohan