These days there seems to be so little support and guidance for single Muslim ladies especially those CONSIDERED “OVER A CERTAIN AGE”!

That's why I created Single Muslima Solutions as away to help single ladies overcome their various obstacles and blockers and reach their goal of marriage successfully and effortlessly.

 You want to get married but you want to do so on your terms. The traditional way of having a guy come to meet you at home has its merits but puts you under huge pressure to make a big decision with very little time or space to get to know him properly.

However, the whole "dating" thing doesn't work for you either. You don't mind meeting the guys for coffees and dinners but you don't want to just be “dating” for an indefinite period of time without any mention of marriage right?

The problem is that there is no one who seems to really get what you're going through. Your friends and family tell you that you're being picky so you stop turning to them for help. Islamic marriage guides don't recognise the lack of sincerity and halal intentions amongst a lot of the single Muslim men out there. And western guides are intent on getting you into bed with him asap!

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I've been exactly where you are sister. During my 15-year search I met over 100 men of every shape, size and location!!

I went to every kind of marriage event available only to feel awkward, embarrassed and inevitably the oldest lady in the room. I endured painfully cringeworthy and inappropriate set ups by family and friends who evidently felt I'd marry anyone with a pulse. I'd  meet guys I liked only be rejected for the silliest of reasons.

I finally got help from a coach when I hit rock bottom. Through coaching I learnt how to approach my search with the right mindest. I discovered how easy it was to spot a good guy and I learnt how quickly and easily it was to get married once I was in the right place to recognise, receive and get to know the right man. (Click here to read the full story of my journey)


Single Muslima Solutions is ready to get you back on the right path to marriage by giving you the toolkit, skills and confidence to put yourself out there and get married.

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Frequently Asked Questions

+ Will you introduce me to men for marriage?

No. I am not a matchmaker but I do work well alongside matchmakers such as Bloom so that when you do meet men for marriage I will coach you on how to approach those dates, ask the right questions and deal with the doubts before you say yes or no.

+ How exactly can you help me?

It depends on what you need. I can show you show to do halal dating the right way. If you feel the problem goes deeper than that then I can support you in overcoming any emotional blockers, fears and behaviours that are stopping you from connecting with the men you meet. And if you want to cover everything then my 6 step one to one coaching programme is a must.

+ I've been married before, will this work for me?

Of course. Never married, divorced, single mother, whatever your situation every woman who is serious about marriage needs certain tools and skills under her belt and I give them to you.

+ Is this the same as counselling?

Not at all. Counselling is a wonderful tool that will give you space to reflect and cope with deep-seated trauma and ongoing pain. I offer coaching which is all about target setting, actionable steps and monitoring your progress towards a specific goal. If you’re unsure which route is best for you then drop me a message and we can discuss your options.

+ Where can I find out more about working with you?

Head over to the work with me page where you can find information on different programmes and packages. Or if you have a specific question or are unsure then drop me a message in the form below and we can get chatting about the best solution for you.