THE halal dating coach for single Muslim women

I give successful, professional single Muslim women over 27 the toolkit, skills and confidence to approach their marriage search minus the anxiety, panic and frustration.

 You Feel Frustrated...

.…at the lack of decent men out there so you join another website or go to another marriage event only to be the oldest one there and meet more disappointing men causing you to wonder whether the problem is you….

You Are Starting To Panic..

.…it feels like time and guys are running out. So you cast your net wider only to be rejected by a whole bunch of new guys for the pettiest of reasons (in my case I was always too short or too old!)

You Feel Like Giving Up..

…marriage doesn’t seem to be in your destiny. So you make a plan to forget marriage and move forward with your life only to find yourself awake at 2am in a total panic about your future as a single lady.


It’s time to release all the stress of going it alone and finally get the support you need from someone who has been there and knows what to do…

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Work With Me…

Join the tribe of amazing Muslim women who have worked with me and gone on to meet and marry the right man for them at the right time minus the anxiety, fear of rejection and constant heartache.

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Success Stories

Read how the power of coaching has helped these ladies to move past their challenges and go on to meet the right man for them at the right time in the right way!